To achieve our mission and realize our vision; we must live by our values

Respect for People

We are committed to excellence — in the results we achieve and in how we achieve them

Do our job right every time

Search for the continuous Improvement


We do what is right for our customers, our communities, our employees and ourselves

Operate ethically

Take responsibility for our actions

Follow through on commitments

Communicate in an honest and authentic manner


Respect for People

We promote a diverse culture and commitment to mutually respect our employees, our customers and our communities:

Treat others with dignity and respect

Embrace and encourage new ideas

Cultivate individual talents

Celebrate achievements

Create an environment of trust

Encourage open and honest dialogue

Collaboration — "Teamwork"

We value teamwork — working together to achieve common goals is the foundation of our success:

Be flexible and responsive

Think and work across boundaries

Share knowledge and information freely

Seek input and listen

Take personal ownership for collaborating with others